30 KW, 40 KW, 60 KW, 120 KW







The Moderator burner ( 30kW, 40kW, 60kW, 120 kW ) is a device intended to be installed in air or water heat exchangers. Its main task is to burn pellets of plant origin, after installation in the door of the exchanger. If there are no appropriate doors for installation, a proper mounting opening must be made.
What sets this modern burner apart from similar devices available on the market is the fact that it features a movable grate and it fit for automated cleaning of the space beneath the grate. All this combined with blow-throughs commanded by the controller makes the burner clean itself.
The burner features a modern electronic regulator, ecoMAX 850 P1. The regulator controls the operation of the heating device by using an optic sensor that measures the brightness of the flame.


Controller (regulator) features:

  • controlling the operation of the direct central heating circuit, the hot water circuit, and the operation of five mixer heating circuits
  • the temperature of the heating circuits can be set based on the data from the weather sensor
  • it can cooperate with a separate room thermostat for each heating circuit, which greatly increases the comfort of the heated rooms
  • the device turns on the reserve heater (gas or oil) when it needs to


BURNER 30 KW 40 KW 60 KW 120 KW
Max./min. heating power kW 30/10 40/12 60/18 130/36
Recommended nominal boiler power kW 15-25 20-35 30-55 70-120
Electric heating V 230
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated power consumption  W 70 110 115
Max power consumption1 W 240 280 435
IP 20
Weight kg 23 24 28 92